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I have experience as a staff journalist at multiple national publications at 23-years-old. I love to challenge myself by covering new topics, unpacking big conversations and telling unheard stories.

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I pride myself in being a compassionate, sensitive and empathetic writer whose words pack a punch. I value professional relationships and do my best to provide a unique platform and voice for every story.

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I adore what I do and I value my professional relationships. It's important that everyone who shares their story with me feels comfortable, heard and understood. 

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My Articles

Talk dirty to me: Why women can't get enough of audio porn

Less than a year ago, Zach, from San Diego, California, became a creator at the audio erotica app, Quinn. In that time, he’s essentially been responsible for half a million female orgasms – and counting.

Quinn specialises in non-visual porn for women, with countless kinks and categories to choose from including praise kinks, degradation, choking and polyamory.

It was founded in 2019 by Caroline Spiegel, who struggled with sexual dysfunction while recovering from an eating disorder. She just so

The 'girlfriend experience': What do these one-sided relationships look like?

‘I’ve met the mum, bowling with the family, they’ll treat me like their girlfriend, but just never with the label,’ said Olivia Hawkins, one of the new crop of Islanders looking for love.

Love Island’s Olivia spoke about ‘the girlfriend experience’ on the first episode of the new season – and it’s safe to say a lot of us have been in her shoes (or rather, platform heels).

The phrase ‘girlfriend experience’ was originally coined in the sex industry, as part of escort work where men would pay fo

What to know about TikTok's 'lucky girl syndrome' - and where it falls short

We can all feel lucky sometimes.

It might be when we find extra money in our pocket, or a great opportunity falls in our lap – but TikTok is telling us there is more to it than a simple stroke of luck.

‘The best things just happen to me’, says TikToker Laura Galebe – who is championing a phenomenon called ‘lucky girl syndrome’.

In fact, the term has exploded on the social media platform as countless users claim that because they believe they are lucky, then great things happen to them.


Small D*ck Energy: Is it body shaming or a justified call-out?

Climate activist Greta Thunberg positively flamed Andrew Tate this week on Twitter, accusing him of having ‘Small Dick Energy’ after he bragged about his enormous car emissions.

It was something of a blue tick smackdown, albeit arguably a deserved one for the controversial former kickboxer.

We’ve covered Big Dick Energy (BDE) before, which is certainly seen as a positive, so it’s fairly safe to assume that someone who is told they have Small Dick Energy wouldn’t be best pleased.

But is it rig

Could 2023 be the year women get menstrual leave in the UK?

With periods being a monthly – and often painful – occurrence for many women, wouldn’t it be nice to finally turn the corner from taboo to normalised when it comes to talking about menstruation and the workplace?

Many working women already feel ostracised for taking longer maternity leave, not taking a long enough maternity leave, for prioritising their career over having children, and for not prioritising their career over children – the list is endless.

But the difference is, for the most pa

MAC and Bobbi Brown create their ultimate grunge looks for Christmas

This year Christmas makeup has gone grunge.

Last week, we delved into the new not-so-festive beauty trend: Dior have released blackened shades in their eyeshadow quads, and Lisa Eldridge’s velvet sorcery lipstick is out of stock.

But it’s a bold look and one that can be hard to master, so if you’re truly lost without your red lipstick and sparkle, you may need some inspiration from the experts.

Both MAC and Bobbi Brown created their own original twist on typical grunge makeup for us – and we

Why recognising the orgasm gap early on could be the key to ending it

We know what you’re thinking: women are the ones that pulled the short straw when it comes to sexual pleasure – and you’d be correct.

Cara Delevingne’s Planet Sex documentary was a bold exploration of issues surrounding female pleasure, most specifically the orgasm gap.

Viewers saw Cara masturbate and ‘donate’ her orgasm to science, as well as a look inside a female only sex party and the role of the ‘consent fairy’.

But many of the experiences shown in the film happened within a female spher

What is the 'princess complex' and why can it be such a turn on?

We’ve all heard the fairytales of the beautiful princess being rescued by a handsome prince.

As a child you were probably glued to the tales of Cinderella and Snow White, but as fully-fledged adults, our response to these stories can be a little more complex.

Some still find them romantic, for others they’re sexist. And, for some people, the idea of being treated like a princess is a turn on.

If you have the ‘princess complex’, you enjoy letting your partner take control, and allow them to do

The science behind dirty talk - and why it works

There’s nothing worse than silent sex. In fact, communication is super hot.

Even science says there’s real power in talking dirty – it’s not just all in your head.

That’s why telling someone all the naughty things you want to do later on can get you incredibly aroused.

And it doesn’t have to be in person either – it might be a naughty sext at work, or the late night phone call that inevitably ends up with you falling into bed and dirty talking your way to an intense orgasm.

Sex expert Ness C

How to survive a bottomless brunch without a bottomless hangover

Bottomless brunches can leave you with a bottomless pit of hangxiety the next day.

The free-flowing alcohol at such an early hour can totally derail any evening plans, leaving you to stumble home in a disorientated state before the sun has even started setting.

But they are also a hell of a lot of fun. So how do you make it through a bottomless brunch and not suffer an endless hangover?

Well experts at Survivorlife have put together the ultimate five-step plan to survive the onslaught of any

'Cannabis saved my son from daily seizures - the NHS needs to be prescribing it'

‘Thanks to CBD, my son is coming up to nearly 1,000 days without a seizure,’ Hannah Deacon tells

Hannah, 43, is an accidental campaigner. She had no choice – she had to fight for the life of her son.

At just eight months old, her son Alfie Dingley, now 11, had his first seizure.

Soon, he was having as many as 150 attacks a week.

Doctors were at a loss, with no clue what was causing the seizures that left the young boy hospitalised 48 times in a year.

Finally, at the age of five

It Starts With Us review: Long-awaited It Ends With Us sequel arrives October 18

Colleen Hoover’s novel It Ends With Us is one of the best-selling books of all time, with a movie adaptation even in the works.

Her new book, It Starts With Us, is the stunning sequel to the book that took TikTok by storm, earning her more than 2.4 billion views on the social media platform.

It is set to be another booming success – with a third of people saying it is their most highly-anticipated book of the year. Not to mention, Colleen already occupies five of the top ten best-seller spots

How to have a good hair day every day - 7 tips from a haircare expert

Everybody wants to have a good hair day every day, but it’s pretty hard to achieve salon worthy hair 24/7.

Even after using different hair products and tools, it’s difficult to get that perfect hairstyle.

Your curls still seem frizzy or there’s that one rogue strand out of place on your sleek, straight hair.

But don’t panic. Whatever your hair type is, if you want to avoid bad hair days and encourage healthy hair growth, there are a few things you can do.

Did you know that how often you shou

70s-inspired eyes were all the rage at London Fashion Week, here's how to create

The Richard Quinn show at London Fashion Week was a sight to behold.

Thousands of flowers lined the Victorian-tiled runway, as dancers in latex bondage suits moved almost as gracefully as the models.

But what caught our eye were, well, the eyes of the models – which popped with 70s-inspired pastel colours – courtesy of MAC. cosmetics.

In fact, this makeup is setting the trend for spring, with a soft but fun colour palette you can pull off without the catwalk.

If you want to know how to look

The Kardashian's nail artist reveals what it's like to give manicures to stars

She’s the nail tech you need on your glam squad.

But between doing Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s nails and painting delicate gel designs for the likes of Kerry Washington, Anya Taylor-Joy and Katy Perry, it’s likely Kim Truong won’t have much time for us.

But don’t get too disheartened, because she’s just released a stunning collab with Lottie London consisting of three on-trend designs that have been worn by her celeb clients.

Being a nail tech to the stars isn’t always as glamourous as it s

'Ukrainian in heart, body, blood': Inside Ukraine's London Fashion Week show

Nearly a full year after Russia invaded Ukraine, London Fashion Week has come to a close. But there was one show that we’ll remember to never forget.

Wrapping up one of the biggest weeks in fashion on Tuesday was the Ukraine Show, where three exceptional Ukrainian brands came together to showcase their designs, in spite of the atrocities occurring in their motherland.

The show opening was poignant as the designers – Ksenia Schnaider, Ivan Frolov and Julie Paskal – all strutted their stuff down

The Unhidden show at London Fashion Week was a masterclass in inclusive clothing

London Fashion Week is in full swing, and while there’s been some standout moments – we’re looking at you, Tesco unitard – one designer has stolen the spotlight.

Victoria Jenkins, the woman behind fashion brand, Unhidden, presented on trend yet wearable designs for people who with disabilities.

Her designs include tailored trousers for wheelchair users, which have vertical pockets to avoid contents falling out, and an elasticated waistband so it doesn’t cut into seated wearers.

There’s a dres

Why aren't intimacy directors recognised at the Baftas?

‘Thank you for your existence in our industry, for making the space safe. For creating physical, emotional and professional boundaries, so that we can make work about exploitation, loss of respect, about abuse of power, without being exploited or abused in the process.’

Those were the words of Michaela Coel, when she won big at the British Film and Television Awards for her hit drama, I May Destroy You, in 2021.

Inspired by her own sexual assault, she dedicated her award to her intimacy coordi

'He broke seven ribs': Former England manager Glenn Hoddle on how CPR saved him

On October 27, 2018, former England football manager Glenn Hoddle’s heart stopped beating for one whole minute.

It was his birthday, and Glenn felt just fine, healthy in fact.

Glenn tells ‘I went to BT for the normal Saturday morning show I do.

‘I was coming to the end of the show when I collapsed and had a cardiac arrest.

‘The frightening thing about it was I didn’t feel unwell, I felt normal, I felt as though I was healthy, and suddenly I collapsed on the floor and I can’t rem

I let a professional roaster tear apart my dating profile

For most stand up comedians their arena is a stadium. For Ted Pullin, it’s his kitchen table and a microphone wedged on the end of a wooden spoon.

But despite his rather abysmal set-up, his quintessentially brutal British humour has exploded in popularity on TikTok, where he roasts people’s dating profiles – no holds barred.

The videos follow a simple format: Ted swigs on a whiskey or beer as screenshots of someone’s dating profile appear. He then savagely picks them apart in excruciating deta

TikTok's 'Mascara' trend has nothing to do with makeup - here's what it means

TikTok just can’t stop talking about ‘mascara’. *Spoiler alert* these videos have absolutely nothing to do with makeup.

Don’t worry if your wildly confused right now, we were too. But we’ve deciphered the code.

Essentially the #MascaraTrend involves people talking about their past and current romantic relationships, and their feelings about them, as if they were a tube of mascara.

For example some people may feel they’ve found their favourite ‘mascara’ and never want to try another one, while

I'm completely obsessed with 'hair Botox' - here's why

I’ve never been one for injectables. In fact, the thought of a needle being poked into my face is honestly terrifying.

But when I heard about Tryo hair salon offering ‘hair Botox’ for luscious locks, I thought: ‘f**k it’.

But before you give me a pat on the back for overcoming my fears, it’s important to know that so-called ‘hair Botox’ works a little differently to traditional Botox treatments.

In fact, it’s totally non-invasive and it’s more of a specialised deep conditioning treatment for